Death Penalty Methods Evolved Slowly In Nebraska

February 6th, 2013

By Bill Kelly

Lincoln, NE — The new NET News documentary “…until he is dead” explores the history of capital punishment in Nebraska.

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Scheduled execution brings flurry of activity

February 23rd, 2012

By Bill Kelly

Lincoln, NE – Michael Ryan, is scheduled to die by lethal injection early next month. It would be a historic first use of the method in the state.

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Capitol: Death penalty bill put on hold

January 27th, 2012

By Fred Knapp

Lincoln, NE – Debate on abolishing the death penalty in Nebraska has been put on hold, at least for now. But senators signaled the argument may resume later this year.

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Students weigh in on death penalty

June 10th, 2011

By Mike Tobias

Lincoln, NE – Nebraska’s first execution in 14 years has been put on hold by the Nebraska Supreme Court. The planned execution, though, has fueled continued debate over capital punishment.

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Covering executions: Who determines public opinion?

June 9th, 2011

By Grant Gerlock

Lincoln, NE – On September 2nd, 1994, Omaha television stations went live to cover the execution of Harold Lamont Otey. At the time, Otey was the first person to be put to death in Nebraska in 35 years.

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