Our Vision

Fair, Accurate and Unbiased

In the tradition of public radio, KVNO News holds itself to the highest standards of journalistic integrity and is committed to serving our public with factual reporting that holds no bias or agenda. In a modern media landscape that is trending toward commentary, KVNO News considers it even more important today to adhere to traditional journalistic standards.

Our reporters are committed to fair, accurate and impartial reporting. And although we each have our own perspectives and diverse backgrounds, we follow the guidelines of National Public Radio, as set forth in its commitment to impartial reporting: “We aggressively challenge our own perspectives and pursue a diverse range of others, aiming always to present the truth as completely as we can tell it.”

More reading: KVNO News subscribes to RTNDA Code of Ethics: a commitment to truth, fairness, accountability and transparency.


KVNO is a nonprofit station that is primarily supported by its members, and as such, our newsroom is entirely independent. We are not beholden to any entity, other than the public which we serve. This truly is your newsroom.


It is part of our vision as a newsroom to bring our listening audience compelling stories it won’t hear anywhere else.

For us, providing compelling coverage means utilizing the medium of radio creatively, exploring sound to its fullest, while engaging a multi-media platform to present the news in audio, visual, print and online formats. It also means providing a medium for the compelling voice of our community, digging into issues and reaching out to those whose stories are not often told.

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