Community Discussion Rules

KVNONEWS.COM serves as an open platform for meaningful discussion and civil dialogue. As a news organization, KVNO News is committed to freedom of speech and encourages participation in the discussion. However, there are rules for participation that must be followed in order to preserve a civil arena, where ideas can be exchanged without hostility and personal attacks.

Our guidelines follow closely with those established by our national partner National Public Radio.
The following rules apply to all KVNO News’ discussion forums, including social networks and all KVNO websites. Comments that don’t follow these guidelines will be deleted, and the user may be blocked from further discussion.

1. Respect: Please be respectful in the discussion. Make your comments about the topic, not the person involved. Personal attacks, hate speech, harassment and bullying will not be permitted and any comments containing such attacks will be deleted and users may be blocked.

2. Obscenities and profanity: Please refrain from using obscenities and profanity. We reserve the right to delete/edit obscene or profane comments.

3. Be yourself: Be honest about your name and location. It’s important for your credibility and the credibility of the discussion that the participants not be anonymous. While we respect your privacy, we also will not tolerate anyone suspected of being an impostor or deliberately providing a false identity in order to mislead.

4. Don’t be a “troll”: KVNO News reserves the right to delete and block comments from suspected trolls. If we suspect you are commenting simply to provoke anger or spread false information, we reserve the right not to publish.

5. Don’t promote: The KVNO News site is a place for discussion, not promotion. Please don’t post links to outside sites to promote your blog or market a products. Links included in comments may be deleted.

6. Don’t ramble: Comments that are excessively long may be edited for length.

7. Responsibility: KVNO News is not responsible for the content posted by others in the discussion forum.

Finally, in the vein of NPR, KVNO News “reserves the right not to publicize rumors, allegations, conspiracy theories and other information which we know to be false or unsubstantiated.” In other words, opinion is okay. Lying is not.

Thank you for participating in the discussion and for helping us to provide a platform for civil discourse and open discussion in our community.

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