‘Veganizing’ Omaha in One Week


October 27th, 2021

Spices. These ingredients add great flavor to vegan food. Photo by Gabriel Escalera, KVNO

Michael and his wife Kellie, originally from council Bluff, opened their restaurant in 2018. Most of the menu is vegan.

Kellie is implementing ‘Omaha Vegan Week’ in the first week of November, and she will like this event to happen every year.

The mission of ‘Omaha Vegan Week’ is to increase accessibility and awareness of a plant-based diet through education this event.

Soon after, Michael and Kellie chose to eat more natural and healthier foods and of course, meat disappeared from their plates.

Before venturing to bring their restaurant to Omaha, Michael worked in the industry for many years while attending college to graduate with a degree in filmmaking. But cooking became his passion, Michael’s first job as a cook was at a Bar and Grill.

When Kellie y Michael moved to Omaha, they already had in mind what kind of service they would provide to Omaha. Oasis offers many vegan dishes, but for Kellie, there is something more important. They say they want to be transparent about what they serve.

Aside from being a vegan option for lunch or dinner in Omaha, Kellie also wants other restaurants to add vegan dishes to their menus. In the first week of November, Kellie will be having “Omaha Vegan Week”

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