Malcolm X Holiday in Nebraska


May 12th, 2021

OMAHA – The Malcolm X Memorial Foundation has existed in Nebraska since 1971. Founder Mrs. Rowena Moore envisioned a Malcolm X Birthplace and International Center – a tourist attraction, learning center, a park, museum, library, and amphitheater.

The current president of the Board, Leo Louis, demonstrated his support for Senator Terrell McKinney in the introduction of bill LB349. LB349 creates El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Malcolm X Day, and establishes a holiday.

“Give him a day recognized by the governor and also add Malcolm’s legacy to the curriculum in the state of Nebraska,” Louis explained.

Louis thinks it’s time for Malcolm X to get more recognition at the state level. He says that Nebraska now has the opportunity to change the racial approach of some government institutions.

“Now, for those who don’t understand what racism really looks like,” Louis said, “racism is systemic in places like this, and other institutions are the places where racism and the battle against racism needs to be fought.”

Louis says that these days there is a good opportunity to get involved with politicians who make decisions for the citizens of Nebraska.

“And if you ever want to see things change for people who want to have more legislation that will support their condition, their situation, then get involved in politics but don’t stop there,” Louis said. “Make sure you build community among yourself and make sure that things that you believe in you fight for and don’t let somebody else just fight for it for you.”

Louis believes it is important to go back and look at Nebraska’s history because much of Nebraska’s Black history was left out. He thinks that LB349 will help reestablish parts of the system that have contributed to the growth of racism in this state.

With LB349, Nebraskans would celebrate the life of Malcolm X on May 19. That day is Malcolm X’s birthday.

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