Remember Maria And Joseph Expecting Quadruplets, Just days Away From Meeting Them Now


April 17th, 2021

Image by Maria

OMAHA – Just a few weeks ago, KVNO News spoke with Maria and Joseph. They are an Omaha couple and after many fertility treatments, Maria got pregnant with not one, not two, not even three, but four babies – three boys and one girl.

The first reaction of the doctors when they found out about the four fertilized eggs was to recommend Maria and Joseph reduce the number to one or two so as not to put Maria’s health and the babies at risk. But they decided to keep all four.

Three weeks ago, Maria came to the hospital to stay there until the day of her birth. Now, that day is right around the corner.

 â€œWe are expecting to deliver at 32 weeks,” Maria said.

The doctors wanted Maria to stay in the hospital after 28 weeks to monitor the health of the five and to be ready in case of any complications.

Maria has not presented any complications so far. Every day they monitor the health of the babies and do an ultrasound; each baby already weighs more than two pounds.

“Everything looks good there,” Maria said. “I mean they’re small, but just because it will be 32 weeks when we deliver. But, otherwise, they’re healthy.”

Although the pregnancy has been relatively normal, even Maria has certain concerns. For now, the plan is for the babies to go into incubators immediately after birth.

“I’m nervous for the whole surgery,” Maria said. “But I’m also nervous because I don’t… I may not be able to see them right away, to take some time to be able to see them. Just the whole procedure makes me nervous.

On the other hand, Joseph has been by himself at home. He visits Maria every day for dinner and has already assembled the four cradles.

Everything is ready for Maria and Joseph to receive their true bundle of joy this week. They haven’t decided on the names yet, but they did promise to keep KVNO News up to date on everything.

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