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April 14th, 2021

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OMAHA – Nebraska is reaching 40% vaccination, now offering vaccines to people ages 16 and over. After one or two pinches, people go home with a small but important card. This card is a certificate of having received the vaccination – proof of having entered the club of the protected.

Some places have offered free lamination of the card. Some people took a photo with their cell phone and kept the original at home, as this card could be the proof needed to access certain places.

But what do we do if we lose that card?

“If somebody loses their card they do want to contact the provider that they went to get the vaccine and let him know what happened and request another card,” said Jeri Weberg-Bryce, immunization program manager for Nebraska. “There is also an open portal for Nebraskans or you can go in and you enter your name and your social security number and you can get a copy of your record.”

Weberg-Bryce said there are a few options when needing to prove one has been vaccinated.

According to Weberg-Bryce, if someone is traveling overseas, some places do not accept the card. Instead, these places only accept the vaccination record that a healthcare provider can issue.

“So that’s where it’s important to get into the NESIIS portal and get your vaccine record,” Weberg-Bryce said. “Now, if there is also a security number what we’ve been suggesting to individuals is, again, reach out to that main provider and see if you can get that record on letterhead – just something that shows that you didn’t just make this up yourself.”

Nebraska State Immunization Information System, or NESIIS, is the portal where almost everyone can access immunization records. For some who do not have social security numbers, it is better to contact their provider.

The administrator of Health Disparities and Health Equity for DHHS, Josie Rodriguez, has one more option for those who would rather play it safe.

“People can enroll in “V-Safe” after they’ve gotten their first vaccine and that will keep track of their vaccines,” Rodriguez said.

V-Safe is a smartphone-based tool that uses text messaging and web surveys to provide personalized health check-ins after one receives a COVID-19 vaccine. With V-Safe, people can quickly alert the CDC if they have any side effects after getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

For more information on V-Safe, visit and look for the V-Safe tab.

And remember, it is important that people are not posting pictures of their cards on social media, since they show important personal information and could be compromised.

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