Little Italy is ‘Expecting Snow’


March 31st, 2021

Omaha, NE—Maple Street Construct in Benson examines the space between art and architecture while bridging Omaha to the rest of the county’s artistic hubs. Since COVID, they’ve built a new experimental space in Little Italy—a shed that has been the housing for dynamic collaborations by artists from all over the nation. This Friday, they will open a digital exhibition featuring photography from the space, Expecting Snow, a collaboration between Omaha’s Tom Prinz and LA’s Mike Nesbit.

Featuring Artists Tom Prinz and Mike Nesbit

Equally important as the art is the conversation. Working together from across the country, Prinz and Nesbit maintained a dialogue lasting months, discussing the art while riffing on, among other things, Jazz, Scorsese on Fellini, The passing of loved ones, Caravaggio, a new dog, and Hank Aaron. All influence the abstract that the artists had not even intended to be an exhibition.

The artists use simple, familiar materials, reflecting present circumstances. An abstract expression of all that has happened in the last several months, Expecting Snow does not take itself too seriously. Included in the many cultural references, Nesbit cited a ’70s Harper’s article on the early age of cinema.

Expecting Snow will open virtually this Friday, April 2, featuring photography, transcripts, and a recorded conversation with the Tom Prinz and Mike Nesbit. Appointments for private showings are available. For more information, go to

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