Alicia Olatuja to Perform ‘Intuition: Songs from the Minds of Women’


March 9th, 2021

Omaha, NE—Omaha Performing Arts celebrates Women’s History Month with a concert featuring mezzo-soprano Alicia Olatuja performing Intuition: Songs from the Minds of Women. Olatuja has a diverse musical background, beginning in church and elementary school, singing jazz and gospel, and eventually classical and opera. Having performed at the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, and the Memphis Opera, and she’s bringing that talent to the Holland Center this Thursday evening.

Featuring Alicia Olatuja

Intuition features a quintet on stage—piano, guitar, bass, drums, and voice—and the works of recent female composers.

Preceding Thursday’s concert is a special Voices AMPLIFIED! event with a conversation on the evening’s music as well as a musical commentary for the times.

Voices Amplified! Is this Thursday, March 11 at noon, and Alicia Oltuja’s Intuition: Songs of the Minds of Women is that night at 7:30pm at the Holland Performing Arts Center. For more information, go to to

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