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March 5th, 2021

Abby Swatsworth, Executive Director for OutNebraska. Photo from Zoom meeting by Bre Smith

LINCOLN – On February 26, State Senator Megan Hunt introduced LB 231, a bill that would ban conversion therapy across the state of Nebraska.

The bill was introduced just days after a new city ordinance made Lincoln the first city in Nebraska to ban the practice. 

This is not the first time a bill like this has been introduced. Senator Hunt has introduced similar legislation each year since she was elected.

I’m really excited about the city ordinance passing in Lincoln because that means that we have some momentum that we can build upon in terms of public opinion around LGBTQ equality.

An argument Hunt says she has heard often is that a bill like this would violate religious freedoms. The bill has been crafted narrowly so that the only people affected by the ban would be healthcare providers and minors.

If you’re a preacher in a church, and you’re saying something on the pulpit, you know, that could not be considered conversion therapy. If there is an adult in Nebraska, who chooses to engage in conversion therapy, the practitioner of that still wouldn’t be able to hold a license.

In proposing LB 231, Senator Hunt spent time working with the people of OutNebraska. Executive Director, Abbi Swatsworth, says this bill is necessary

The legislation simply looks to put a stop to licensed professionals developing or providing this service, which doesn’t work. It’s been debunked. And, in addition to not working, it causes harm.

Both Swatsworth and Senator Hunt encourage people to reach out to their representatives to help ensure this bill gets passed.

Senator Megan Hunt. Photo by Bre Smith, KVNO News, Zoom meeting

I want Nebraska to be a place that people are excited to move to, that they see themselves having a future in, and without non-discriminatory policies that isn’t something we can do. So we have to be proactive. It’s not going to happen without action from all of us. 

To weigh in on this bill, you can visit and search “LB231.”

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