Strategies to Combat The Pandemic a The Kroc Center


February 3rd, 2021

The Salvation Army, Kroc Center. Photo by KVNO News

What happens when out of necessity an army of workers must be significanlly reduced, but the same amount of work should continue? The Capitan (Auxiliary Captain for the Salvation Army Kroc Center, John Ganter) changes strategies.

Arts and Education Director for the Salvation Army Kroc Center, Kevin Boesiger also helps with other responsibilities since March last year when the pandemic caused more people to seek help.

It real cause us as a tema to come together because there has been times where we had to cover areas that we weren’t working on before, maybe they were hired as a youth mentor but now have to help out at the Gym or the fitness center or some of the fitness or Gym workers had to come and help with the kids or the things are going on with the education department, Boesiger, said.

When schools closed in March, more parents were looking for a place to safely leave their children.

The Kroc Center cut its employees by 40 percent. And serving visitors with the measures recommended by the pandemic would have turned out to be clearly difficult. By good Friday last year, the Kroc Center kept only ten employees while trying to re-structure their service.

And the financial aspect of the Kroc Center was at risk as well.

We are very fortunate to have the endowment from John Kroc that at least allowed us to continue on and keep, some of our staff we had to let go our programs came to scratching halt, Boesiger, Said

Since then, the Kroc Center has gradually settled into the new normal, providing a safe service.

Just recently some of the programs at the Kroc Center reopened but with limited capacity and Masses are still online only.

The Salvation Army, Kroc Center. Photo by KVNO News

Kroc-Academy is a new program that is helping children learning amid the chaos. This program has been difficult for the Kroc Center because it is practically one-on-one care given to children, and many families are seeking for help.

Apart from being flexible within the Kroc Center, this army of employees, they have also been able to establish good relationships with schools, principals, and counselors in order to help children busy and learning. They also work with Boys Town.

The Salvation Army, Kroc Center. Photo by KVNO News

In 2020 the Kroc Center would have celebrated ten years of serving the Omaha community. Those long-awaited celebrations take place this year, after all ten years for a captain and his army helping the community ought to be celebrated.

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