‘Mike Hogan’ After a Long Career, He Still Enjoys his Work on The Radio And His Dedication Makes Him a Winner


February 19th, 2021

Mike Hogan.

Some of you might know Mike Hogan from his acting career, his comedy, and mostly his vast radio work.

But not many know that he speaks Spanish and that he learned it when he lived in Los Angeles, California.

I had listened to Mike’s local radio programs on KIOS, the Omaha NPR affiliate, but recently more information about him came to my desk.

Hogan received the “Media Partner of the Year” prize for his dedicated service to the community.

Mike Hogan

He does much more than hosting radio shows and his work is been recognized now. This is why Lisa Ellis, senior communications at EMspace+Lovgreen, nominated him.

It couldn’t go to a more deserving individual, as the description for the award says, it’s for someone who fosters connection and community in their market, and that is Mike Hogan. It fits him to a tee, Lisa Ellis says.

This type of recognition still amazes Hogan, even after so many years doing this type of work.

I received an email from PRSA, that I won this, and I was just stunned, Hogan says.

But let me give you a little background on Hogan, in case you do not know.

Hogan’s career began in Saint Louis, MO about 30 years ago. He started doing radio at the same time he was a professional actor.

One day, he decided to follow the path that many actors in the United States follow: he moved to Los Angeles, CA. Once in California, his acting career was not too bad, but he jokes that he made more money as a waiter.

After getting some film and TV acting work, he was ready for the next step, a new project that would take him far from California.

Got into Play-by-play and that is what brought me back to the Midwest, I moved to Nebraska to do some Play-By-Play for the Lancers.

But the routine of going on a bus from place to place with hockey players was not as exciting as before. His carrier then took a 360-degree turn, no more radio, television, or stand-up comedy for a long time.

That along with meeting this gorgeous blond I fell in love with, I stopped doing radio for a while and I did 14 years of IT consulting, Hogan says.

Once the IT company was sold, Hogan’s wife convinced him to do stand-up comedy, which lasted three years until another radio opportunity arrived, this time in Fremont, Nebraska with a morning show. This would be the last step before arriving at KIOS in Omaha.

In the next segment of KVNO News, Hogan will tell us of a time when his health was at great risk, how he surpassed that event, and how he became the “Media Partner of the Year” with his radio work.

Previously, we learned about Mike Hogan’s background. For those of you who missed it, his career began in Saint Louis, MO, where he did radio, LA, where he pursued professional acting, then play-by-play, stand-up comedy in Omaha. Along the way, he learned Spanish.

Now he is the host of “All Things Considered” and “Live a Local” on KIOS. He recently won the “Media Partner of the Year” award.

In 2017 he started hosting the “Morning Edition” segment in Omaha, but 2018 was not so friendly with him.

Although he exercised and lifted weights frequently, one day he found he was suddenly out of breath. A quick visit to his doctor led him to urgent heart surgery in 2018.

It was a quiet surprise because I hadn’t had any symptoms of any kind but, luckily I got there in time. The doctor said I wouldn’t make it through the weekend, but they put four new parts on my heart, Hogan says.

After the successful surgery, he was back to exercising about eight weeks later; he had a prompt recovery.

Hogan asked if he could move to the afternoon shift for a relatively slower pace of work. In late 2018 he started with the program that helped him to get the “Media Partner of the Year” award.

I have been doing the “Live and Local” show, the live and local feature, both on “Morning Edition” and in “All Things Considered.” I’ve been doing that, I started that when I got there, Hogan says.

Certainly, quite grateful to wake up, for a while when people ask me, how I am, I answer quite honestly, best day ever, Hogan, says.

“Live and Local” gives the Omaha people who are making a difference the chance to share their accomplishments and events.

And I get to sit down and have a chat with these folks and they give me a paycheck for that, I mean who is the luckiest guy around, that will be me, Hogan says.

Hogan believes that his passion for his work directed him to be recognized by the Omaha community. With his radio program, he tries to make a positive impact and give something back to his listeners.

I really like to be part of people’s lives, I really try to give them some information that is going to be hopeful. If I can get a laugh in there, I really like to do that too, Hogan says.

Hogan did not know that he had been nominated, much less that he had won the Media Partner of the year award, but now this medal reassures him that he has done things well at work.

Such an honor and such a surprise and I am so very grateful for what they have done for me, Hogan says.

If one day Hogan must retire from radio, he says he will be happy to do stand-up comedy again; making people laugh is in his DNA.

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