‘Alluvium’ Open Now at Amplify Arts’ Generator Space


February 5th, 2021

Omaha, NE—Alluvium is on display now at Amplify Arts’ Generator Space, part of the organization’s Generator Grants program. Organized by Allis Conley and Corson Androski with support from Sarah Rowe, this exhibition inspired by the work of Dr. Zoe S. Todd examines our relationship with local land, water, and neighbors human and non-human.

Featuring Exhibition Organizer, Corson Androski

Alluvium is an exercise in mapping, not for navigation, but rather to illuminate relationships in the environment and to expand awareness of indigenous territories.

Alluvium encourages viewers to examine their own relationship with the environment.

Alluvium is open today at Amplify Arts’ Generator Space from 1:00-2:00pm. Due to COVID-19, registration is required, and no more than three guests will be allowed in the gallery at one time. Alluvium will be on display until February 27. For more information, go to AmplifyArts.org.

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