Multiple Pregnancy Will Give Four More to a Family


January 30th, 2021

Maria and Joe. Four babies gender reveal. Photo by Maria and Joe

OMAHA – After 27 weeks of pregnancy, specialists can do a 3D ultrasound. This is a way of getting to know the baby for the first time before is born. Something that many of us may wonder is what two or three babies look like in there. But four babies – try to make sense of that.

More than one baby is a common result of fertility treatment, but for a couple in Omaha, something else may have helped.

It was our 13th treatment of fertility, but they do believe that it might have a little to do with me being a twin, Maria says.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Maria and her husband Joseph revealed via Zoom to their families and friends, the gender of their soon to be four babies, three boys one girl.

After fruitless attempts of expensive treatments that insurance did not cover, their family will now grow to almost half a soccer team.

It was expensive, no insurance covers any of the treatments.

This couple was reaching the maximum number of opportunities for fertility treatments, each time more expensive.

The first few treatments were just a few medicines and then the last few treatments were your bigger injections.  You have to inject the medicine, you have to go in and take it twice a day and those ones really sky rocketed, Joseph says. 

Maria and Joe. Photo by Maria and Joe

The story of Maria and Joseph started before the 12 efforts to get pregnant via fertility treatment. They met almost 11 years ago in a college math class, married in 2014, and have worked together in sales for many years.

They began making plans to have children two years after getting married, and it was then they notice that something was wrong and their attempts to get pregnant were in vain.

Because of how expensive treatments are we did a couple of treatments throughout the years but we would stop for a little bit and then try again because it is so expensive. It is way too expensive to pay, Maria says.

At the twelfth treatment, they had a false alarm. The pregnancy test came out positive, but the doctor soon clarified that it was a false positive.   

I think we gave up a couple of times and then we’d just go back, Maria says.

Then, on the 13th time, both were almost on the point of giving up. Fortunately for this couple, they are almost five months pregnant. For now, they identify them as baby A, B, C, and D.

He was not allowed to go to my last two treatments with me, so what I would do is I would just voice record whatever the doctor would say throughout the whole appointment, Maria says.

Joseph was a bit skeptical at first.

In the recording it was the doctor, she was doing the scan and she says something along the lines of don’t be shocked but there are four. I had my reservations at first that it could be another false positive or something crazy like that, Joseph says

Maria and Joe, gender reveal of the four babies. Photo by Maria and Joe

Now soon, they will be seeing the babies in 3D. They expect to see many legs and arms and even more toes and fingers.

I will always joke with him, throughout our whole marriage, I said we are going to have triplets, when we get pregnant we are going to have triplets.

So far, no significant changes for both. But Maria is expected to be at the hospital weeks earlier than anticipated.

We won’t go full term, we will only go maximum they want me to hit 32 weeks, Maria says.

Doctors have told them that up to 25 weeks, the well-being of babies is at risk. That is why doctors will do everything possible to keep them inside.

So they want to keep the longest possible, 28 will probably would be a sweet spot, Joseph says

Because it is expected that the babies will arrive before 40 weeks, they will wait in the incubator for some time before going home.

Unfortunately for this couple due to the pandemic, this process has been uncommon for them. Usually Maria alone visits the doctor for check-ups.

They know exactly where each baby is, like they know where A, B and C are located and they are always in the same location. Maria says.

At first doctors advised Maria and Joseph to move down to only two babies, but they are taking the risk and so far, no problems have shown yet.

There is a chance that not all will make it. We decided that we are going to push until we can and if we get all four we are excited, if we don’t we know there was a chance that not all will make it.

On the other hand, the plan to receive this true bundle of joy is already under way. Joseph has five sisters who live in Omaha, and he hopes they can help. They are also considering hiring a full-time nanny.

Because what we are afraid of is if one baby starts crying they all start crying, then all of a sudden they are up 24/7, they get like 20 minutes of sleep and we get even less. Honestly, we are just going to hit the ground running and see what we can do, Joseph says.

In a few months, Maria and Joseph’s family will grow exponentially. The names for the babies are not yet decided, but they are prepared and when that day comes, they promised to keep me posted.

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