Maple Street Construct to Open ‘Winter Saturdays are for Spring’ Online


December 18th, 2020

Maple Street Construct in Benson emphasizes the art of architecture. Usually open on Benson First Fridays, they began offering online exhibitions since the start of COVID-19. Since then, Co-founder, Tom Prinz, has built a new studio space in Little Italy, which has hosted local and national artists alike. Tomorrow, Maple Street will unveil Winter Saturdays Are for Spring, a collaboration between Karen Emenhiser-Harris and Susan Knight.

Featuring Karen Emenhiser-Harris and Susan Knight

While Emenhiser-Harris says her work comes from a place of shyness, Susan Knight works with everyday building materials, usually with an interest in the environment.

As with many Maple Street pairings, the artists had not collaborated before, but each found a voice in the studio space.

Maples Street Construct’s Winter Saturdays are for Spring will open tomorrow, December 19 at noon on

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