Preston Love, Long Time Politician is Not Done Yet


October 14th, 2020

Preston Love announced he would run as a write-in candidate against incumbent Senator Ben Sasse just 55 days before the election. Love was asked to run by the Democratic Party after several issues.

The idea was that I, in effect, would sacrifice myself and become a candidate to allow the Democratic Party to get behind me, but to give the Democratic voters and maybe some Republicans and maybe some Independents an option in the race,” Love, Says.

Love has had his share of experience in politics. Notably, he worked with the mayoral campaign of Harold Washington, who was the first Black mayor of Chicago. He was also the campaign manager in Jesse Jackson’s 1984 presidential run. This has affected the way he sees the world.

I had a chance to see the struggle in more than one place and from more than one perspective, and I think all those experiences should have prepared me to come to my hometown and make a difference,” Love, Says.

What he found when he did come back was that his community was suffering.

I didn’t realize, but my own neighborhood, North Omaha, is extremely poverty stricken, suffering from disinvestment and suffering from so many of the disparities that poverty stricken communities have. And so I’ve been challenged to really make a difference,” Love, Says.

Despite his work in some very prominent campaigns, he is most proud of the work he has done since he came back to Omaha.

I have become, because of just my year after year of service, I have become a go to people for all kinds of things. I receive people like an elected official, quite frankly. People just come because I’ve been there, year after year, serving,” Love, Says.

Among all of the ways Love has served his North Omaha community, one of the most prominent parts of his work is voting education and advocacy.

I of course work year round in trying to educate the community as to the value of voting, and the content of voting, maybe candidates’ issues, the process of voting, before the community,” Love, Says.

For Love, this run for Senate is about much more than winning a Senate seat.

My candidacy had the potential of exciting my community. And if they were excited, they would come out and vote. My candidacy has the potential of increasing the turnout from North Omaha,” Love, Says.

The way he sees it, Love says he is already accomplishing what he wants to in this race.

I cannot lose in this race. I am victorious, because I have been able to articulate the views and needs of my community and to articulate things like systemic racism and the disparities of the poor that maybe would not have happened without my kind of candidacy,,” Love, Says.

To vote for Love, write in his name and fill in the oval next to it under the U.S. Senate portion of your ballot.

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