ACLU Sues City of Omaha, Police Chief and Capitan Part 1


October 9th, 2020

OMAHA – Triggered by the federal government’s decision to send troops to the city of Portland Oregon back in July to control the Protesters, another group of Protesters in Omaha organized a march.

The march peaceful, went down Farnam Street until it approached the streets of the old market, making a stop where James Scurlock was killed. Then the marchers decided to return to the starting point in midtown.

When protesters reached 24th and Farnam, the Omaha Police Department declared the protest illegal and everyone was under arrest.

Omaha Native and activist Alexander Matthews is also known as Bear, was one of the first people to get arrested, right at the Farnam street bridge over Hwy 75.

125 people were arrested, 30 protesters ended up with charges by the Omaha city’s persecutor. And all this led to a collective lawsuit against the city of Omaha.

Bear and seven other plaintiffs are charging the City of Omaha, the Omaha police Chief Todd Schemaderer and the Omaha Police Capitan Mark Matuza.

On behalf of the Omaha organization ProBLAC and a diverse group of citizens calling for racial justice, the American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU of Nebraska is seeking relief on two main fronts.

The lawsuit claims the Omaha Police Department used excessive force and retaliated with force against peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters. It also challenges the ambiguity and extensiveness of ordinances used in the arrests.

For Bear, there are many aspects to consider in this lawsuit and he has confidential information that can help in this lawsuit.

At the same time, he feels that there is not much chance of winning, but he says that without a doubt he will not lose.

ACLU is filing a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court, challenging constitutional violations in the law enforcement response to Omaha Black Lives Matter protests and seeking court orders to protect future protests.

In the next KVNO news, we spoke to another protester involved in the lawsuit. Jordan Maxwell told us how he was arrested and why this lawsuit its highly important for the BLM movement.

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