Democrat Candidate Seeking a Seat in The Senate, With Better Healthcare in Mind


October 7th, 2020

Democratic Senate candidate Chris Janicek first got into politics when he was in high school. After graduating, he spent time in Washington D.C. working for the Clinton administration. After, he returned to Omaha and was not involved in politics again until 2014.

I had trouble getting health insurance because of a pre-existing condition that had run in my family. When I then saw our current Senator Ben Sasse trying to take away healthcare and trying to dismantle it and do away with the pre-existing condition protection that was in the affordable healthcare plan, I knew I had to do something,” Janiseck said.

Janicek has been running his business, Cupcake Omaha, since 2012. During his time as a small-business owner, Janicek came to the conclusion that the government is taxing small businesses too much. 

I’ve heard this from a lot of business people in town and across the state that in order to up the hourly wages, we would need some type of tax cut to help offset the expenses, especially with the health insurance platform. We’ve got to shift that burden onto the employees themselves, pay them a living wage and have the government participate in a universal type healthcare program where they can be covered also,” Janiseck said.

According to Janicek, healthcare is one of his top priorities in this race.

Unless we have a healthy society, we’re not going anywhere and right now with COVID, that makes it even more necessary than ever. We’re not going to be able to stop this virus anywhere unless we stop it everywhere. The strain that is going to show up in the healthcare system in 2021, the cost that’s associated with everything right now is going to be astronomical and the government’s going to have to find a way to pay for that,” Janiseck said.

As far as Nebraska’s response to the pandemic, Janicek believes Nebraskans and their government both need to play a part in slowing down the transmission.

Wear your mask. It has been shown to stop the transmission of the virus through coughing and sneezing and just overall breathing. We need to amp up testing. I know we’ve got some testing sites here in Omaha but we should have at home test kits so you can take a test in the morning and if you test positive you stay home for two weeks, if you test negative, you are free to go out and about and do your business. It’s a shared responsibility for everyone,” Janiseck said. 

No matter how you plan to go about it, Janicek would like to remind everyone that their vote can make a difference in this year’s election. 

And I want everyone to remember: the easiest way we can fix this and get change going is we have to change policy and we have to show up and vote or we have to get our ballots in the mail,” Janiseck said.

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