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September 3rd, 2020

OMAHA – After being a teacher for over 25 years, Molly Davies now looks at a unique challenge in her career.

“So, this is the weirdest teaching environment I ever been in, but it is OK.”

Davies, mother of two, is teaching high level reading classes to refugees and migrants in the Omaha metro area and she is making sure her two children are learning with the remote classes from OPS.

In times of pandemic, Davies is adapting her schedule to continue working, taking care of her family and being healthy. Her husband lost his job because of the pandemic layoff, and their house is now busier.

“I been taking my first grader with me, and my fourth grader stays home with his dad.”

Despite the situation, she is still enjoying her career. In the past she considered moving to the administrative side of the schools, but it was then that she realized what it means to her to be in a classroom with children.

“I love been in the classroom, I love been with the students, I love watching kids learn and I have to say it is not diminishing by doing it remotely, it is harder.”

The key for Davis to have a positive attitude in the pandemic is to be “nimble” which she has been her entire carrier, but even more now, always thinking ahead.

Previously, KVNO news visited with teachers and parents to learn how they were preparing to start this school year, and for now the uncertainty remains the same.

Davies who plays both roles parent and teacher, but for her children it was not so difficult to adapt to study online and she thinks all this is better to control the pandemic.

She thinks that to cope and adapt, everybody must be on the same page and work together.

“For me I will get this again as a parent and a teacher, I’m looking at my kids, my kids’ school, my kids’ friends, my students, their parents, their families and I know are steering down the barrel of the flu.”

For Davies, social distance and not touching is the best of everybody can do, although for her it changed her personality.

“Don’t touch, I’m very snuggly, I don’t touch anybody anymore, nobody I only hi-five with my elbow.”

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