OPS Tries Again ‘3/2’ Plnan For The Second Quarter


September 22nd, 2020

OMAHA – Dr. Cheryl Logan superintended of Omaha Public Schools or OPS, announcement in social media that OPS is ready with all the safety measures for a safe return to school, starting in the second quarter.

“At this time we are ready to bring our students back, it will not be without challenges. We might have some cases of COVID-19 in our schools,” Logan, said.

The ‘3/2’ model is where students go to school two a week and the other three days they will continue remote learning.

Students with their last name starting with A-K will go to school on Monday and Tuesday. Students with last names L-Z will go on Thursday and Friday.

At the moment Clancy Olson is opting for 100% remote learning for her two daughters, one in third grade and the other one in kindergarten.

Olson is satisfied with the option that OPS provided for the first quarter.

Clacy Olson has two daugthers in the OPS system. She is taking the risk of sending them back to in-person school for the secounbd quater.

“Oh! the have been absolutely fabulous, I mean there have been technical problems, I can say enough good things about their teachers,” Olson, Said.

Olson is a stay-at-home mom, her husband, and two other people who live with them, work from home.

They have a relative at home at high risk of contracting COVID-19 and that is why the family decided to isolate themselves as best as possible.

But for the second trimester, Olson is ready to send her two daughters to school in person. The confinement has affected them emotionally and she assures her daughters need to have contact with their schoolmates and socialize more.

“It does wear, and it is more just you know the slow grind of it,” Olson, said.

Olson will take extra-necessary measures at home to protect her family, but he is ready for the next stage of OPS.

The video game “Roadblocks” is in part helping her third grader to socialize a bit, as he can chat with friends occasionally.

But the Olson family already has another option to cheer their daughters.

“We just got season passes to Valla’s, and 90% of it is outside,” Olson, said.

This family already has their plan for a safe return to school. But many will stay with the 100% remote learning option, Dr. Logan is aware that each family is a different case.

The second quarter begins on October 5th.

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