Kate Bolz, Tries to Remove Her Republican Opponent


September 30th, 2020

OMAHA – State Senator Kate Bolz has a number of reasons she is running for Congress, and all of those reasons can be traced back to one core value that she says rooted her in care and concern for her community. 

I care about the families that I grew up with and the teachers that teach our kids and folks who are looking for healthcare action and the families who are raising kids here and that’s really my motivation for running,” Bolz, said.

In her six years in the Nebraska unicameral, Bolz has served on multiple committees. Her role as vice-chair of the Appropriations Committee is a position that she is proud of and takes very seriously.

We certainly don’t see enough focus on priorities for Nebraskans in D.C. that get moved forward in a manner that’s cooperative and collaborative and I would say my service on the appropriations committee has really reflected those values,” Bolz, said.

Before beginning her political career, Bolz received her master’s degree in social work. She believes this degree has influenced her public service. 

You understand the impact of public policies on individuals on a case-by-case basis and you keep those individuals at the heart of your work; it changes everything you do,” Bolz, said.

When asked about her top three priorities as a candidate, Bolz had a fairly simple response:

Healthcare, healthcare, and healthcare,” Bolz, said.

Healthcare, Bolz said, is one thing that she believes Congressman Fortenberry has not handled well.

I do believe that our pandemic experience would be very different had I been a member of Congress and had we fought to protect access to healthcare rather than their choices to erode it at every turn,” Bolz, said.

With these concerns in mind, Bolz is encouraging constituents to vote by mail, but the pandemic is not the only reason she feels that way.

I think it’s the safest way to vote; it’s also a way to vote that it means that you can make an informed decision at your own kitchen table, taking the time that you need to get the job done, so I do think that voting by mail is the choice that everyone should make this fall. 

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