High School Athletes Hoping to Play ‘Fall in the Spring’


September 9th, 2020

Football field, Norries Middle School. Photo by Gabriel Escalera.

Omaha Public Schools or OPS is planning to do ‘Fall in the Spring’ sports season, this is a plan for student-athletes to make up the 2020 sports.

OPS administration gave the expectation for athletics and sports facilities for the following months.

Sports directors are waiting for the green light to start with the work plans.

Dr. Stephen Eubanks, Athletics Supervisor for OPS, has worked with sports coaches and directors to consider the safest way to have sports in OPS schools.

“I think that it is important that everybody understands that every athletic director and couch I talked to feels the same way our athlete feels, they are disappointed and hearth broken, they want to be out there working with kids,” Eubanks said.

Even Though at the moment, they are still preliminary plans, there are many elements to consider, the availability of the couches in the spring is a great concern, also it could happen that some students have to play double tournaments.

Norries Middle School, Photo by Gabriel Escalera, KVNO.

“It is not a really easy solution but, our district has great people so athletic director really took a look at reaching  out to the couches, all the high school couches and all the fall sports were able to filled out a survey and there was negative comments as well as some positive,” Eubanks, said.

They are considering working together with other school districts and thus being able to offer everyone a win-win opportunity.

On the other hand, OPS is opening all its facilities to the public, but is not being responsible for cleaning and disinfecting playgrounds. Furthermore, OPS highly recommend avoiding large crowds.

The board of education received some complaints about having some schools not open to the public, to use tracks and football fields.

“Some of those facilities were lucked tight because we were seeing groups of kids or we were seeing soccer clubs going on their own and using our facilities and that is not what it was about,” Eubanks, said.

Dr. Eubanks recommends to the public to read the signs posted at the facilities, to ensure guidelines are followed since OPS has not lifted the restrictions during this pandemic.

This guidance from administrators is intended to aid schools, as OPS considers how to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of students, teachers, other school staff, and their families while preparing for a safe opening.

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