North Omaha on Its Way to Prosperity


September 2nd, 2020

North Omaha’s N. 24th St. corridor has been marked as a future culture and arts district by the Empowerment Network and the North Omaha Development Project. The corridor is filled with historic buildings, including the landmark Omaha Star. (Photo by Robyn Wisch)

OMAHA – When small businesses in North Omaha needed help to get the PPP during the pandemic, there were not enough resources and information, putting some businesses at risk.

Candice Price, Co-owner of two businesses in North Omaha had planned to seek better opportunities outside of Omaha. Just a short time ago she was not aware of the opportunities that exist in Omaha for entrepreneurial people like her.

During times of adversity for people like Price, help was already on its way.

This week the mutual collaboration between two Omaha couples announced the opening of the Carver Legacy Center on north 24th and Lake street. Co-owners, Willie Barney and his wife, Yolanda, and Martin and Lynnell Williams saw the need to open once again what was the first financial service in northern Omaha in the early 40s.

Williams and his wife came to Omaha to study at UNO and were also planning to move to another city afterwards. But they found something special in Omaha that made them stay.

They also have helped families build businesses for 25 years and worked with real estate companies in America and other countries, but they are even more fascinated when working directly with people.

In conjunction with American National Bank, the Carver Legacy Center will provide credit and loan service that will allow the north Omaha community to thrive in businesses and homeownership.

The reopening of this financial aid and guidance center promises to help rebuild the northern Omaha community like never. The Carver Legacy Center will have initiatives that will help small businesses step-by-step.

Meanwhile, Price stays positive because this financial center will benefit many in north Omaha.

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