Douglas County, Latest COVID-19 Updated


September 17th, 2020

Dr. Adi Poor, Director of the Douglas County Heatlh Departement.

OMAHA – Since the COVID-19 hit Douglas County in March, then number of positive cases have been up and down. On the highest day 641 cases were reported and the lowest 16, according to the Douglas County Health Department.

“I always look at something positive and I do think I can say for the last four weeks we have seen some positive trends and we need to continue to see those trends,” Dr. Poor said.

Dr. Adi Poor, director of the Douglas County Health Department, feels positive, although some schools have opened and returned to in-person classes, positive cases continue to decline.

Dr. Poor has also noticed an unusual change in the numbers of infected people, Hispanics or blacks are not the most affected anymore, but the whites.

Comparing the second week of August to this week, blacks represented 10% and now down to 8%, Hispanics 34%, and now it is 17% and whites increased from 39% to 52% of those infected.

This week is the lowest week of infections in the last eight weeks.

Contrary to the decline in infections, the number of hospitalized in Douglas County is 95 in total and is the highest since August.

“The good thing is, ventilator use, we have 19individuals in ventilator use and so overall that used of ventilators has decreased from the beginning,” Dr. Poor said. 

Although significant outbreaks have been seen throughout Nebraska counties, in Douglas County and up to date, more than 140,000 tests have been performed, almost 15,000 have been positive and there are already 179 deaths.

Dr. Poor also gave an update on the development of the vaccines, and she was confident about the progress.

“A lot of efforts are going on nationwide of three vaccines have increased at this time and they actually have potentially more than 20 thousand participants on those trials,” Dr. Poor said.

Once the vaccines are developed and approved, multiple options of vaccine would be considered approaching all the population, just like the flu vaccine different vaccine for different age group, according to Dr. Poor.

Omaha Mask Mandate remains in effect. Social distancing is still a valuable tool to prevent the spread of COVID-19, especially when one will be around people who are not part of our household, according to the Douglas County Health Department.

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