Aileen Brady, Even in The Pandemic, Support Groups Are Still Here


September 24th, 2020

OMAHA – Aileen Brady is volunteering for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention or AFSP as a board member and treasurer for the Nebraska Chapter.

According to AFAP suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US and in 2018 about 48 thousand Americans died by suicide.

September is the month dedicated to raising awareness about this social problem. With the pandemic AFSP, and like almost everyone, it is adapting to continue with online support meetings.

Brady has also a full-time job as, Chief Operating Officer at Community Alliance, an organization in Omaha that offers psychiatric and counseling services.

Luckily for Badry, her two jobs go hand in hand. With her experience of helping people, she knows the first thing to do when someone misses a meeting.

“We want that sense of community around us and both in my work life and volunteer job that is a message that we are always wanting people to know they are not alone, what they are feeling and what they are going thru that they don’t have to go thru this journey alone,” Brady, says.

Aileen Brady. AFSP board member, she is passionate about her volunteer work.

For her, “Mental Challenge” is a softer way of saying it when someone suffers thought of suicide, but in reality, it is a disease and that for some it causes more fear.  

Her motivation for this volunteer work is to prevent other people from going through the experience of losing someone to suicide alone. 

Brady along with AFAP is seeing an increase in mental problems among young and she thinks the isolation due to the pandemic is causing it.

For some it is common to feel fear in the pandemic and mix with isolation, it could spark mental illness.

And the pandemic affecting more those people who are already susceptible.

Social media have been of great tool to AFAP in this pandemic, but for Brady, a campaign called “Nice Notes” has been of great help these days.

She recommends to everyone that if you are experiencing any abnormality, in their personality it is always important to reach out because people are whiling to help.                           

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