Two Big Carts Per Household


August 25th, 2020

OMAHA – After four years of planning, researching and negotiations, Omaha will have a new garbage collection service.

FCC Environmental Services, the American affiliate of FCC Group, Madrid, Spain, has a 10-year contract with the city. Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert talks about the process that will take some over 10 weeks.

“This would be a really very big change for all of us, the start day would be Nov. 30th the Monday after thanksgiving weekend.”

In the next 14 weeks FCC will start delivering the solid waste, yard waste and recycling carts.

The reason the delivery will start now, 3800 carts are being delivered every day from now, to have it all delivered when FCC start the waste collecting.

FCC will deliver to every home in Omaha two-96 gallon carts. One for solid and yard waste with a weekly pickup and the second cart for recycle for bi-weekly pick up.

Omaha City Mayor, Jean Stothert.

The collection days will not change for anyone at the moment and the cart delivery will start in west Omaha.

“Please remember, do not use the carts until the week Nov. 30th, until then keep using the green containers and the containers that you currently use, so Waste Management still picking up and will not pick up the new cars until Nov. 30th,” Stothert, said.

Justin Gallagher, FCC manager of operations for the Omaha division, feels confident to provide an excellent service with his brand new fleet of 72 trucks.

FCC also plans on recycling the old containers, and if the old containers are old and an-usable, the containers will go to the land field.

With the new trucks, FCC also will provide more consistency and better work conditions to the employers. Mostly only one driver will be in the truck and all trucks have air conditioning.

They purchased some current trucks that Waste Management is using in the 90s, and Stothert thinks Omaha is ready for the big change.

FCC wants Omaha residents to use the two 90 gallon carts for 90 days after Nov. 30th, and after that, people can request a 48 gallon one if it works better for households.

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