Preparing For The 2020 Elections


August 27th, 2020

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OMAHA – In Douglas county, about 100,000 people already applied for a ballot to vote by mail.      

Westin Miller, Director of Public Policy for Civic-Nebraska, wants to help the Omaha community understand that voting by mail is easy and just as effective as voting in person.

Civic-Nebraska is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting democracy. It has different education programs and is focused on youth.

The only concern for Miller is that voters learned the process and do not wait until the last day to send in the ballot.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has been involved in a debate.

United States Postal Service. Photo by Gabriel Escalera, KVNO

President Donald Trump annaunced, it will no be grants for the postal service, puting at risk to the postal service to fully operate in this election era.

The changes included cutting overtime and limiting post office hours, which workers said it was triggering massive delivery delays.

But even with that, Miller feels optimistic. Once voters try voting by mail, they will want to do it all the time.

By having the ballots at home for a few days, people can research about the candidates and any other information without rushing it.

With millions of Americans expected to vote by mail this November due to the coronavirus, lawmakers from both camps began to worry that this could affect the elections.

Senator Tony Vargas is also working with local agencies so that they can provide all the necessary information and in Spanish where required.

Douglas and Lancaster counties are leading the way by having the most ballots request to vote by mail. For Miller, all this will help to do better social distancing at the polls amid the pandemic.

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