‘BLM’ Movement With a Beat Now.


August 25th, 2020

OMAHA – As the afternoon is falling, people gather on one corner of downtown Omaha. Shawn Burton, a local drummer, was putting together his drums, and he was preparing to play in the streets one more time, but his audience a bit different this time.

“Keep the energy alive, keep the heartbeat going,” Burton, says.

The beats he was playing, harmonically followed the demands of the Protestants.

Demonstrators start to gather in Downtown Omaha. Photo by Gabriel Escalera, KVNO

People chanted along to the drums to protest police brutality. A black man was shot at least seven times by a policeman.

According to the police report from Kenosha, Wis., Blake was shot when police officers arrived to answer a call for domestic violence.

For the demonstrators in Omaha, who have been active with protests since the death of George Floyd, iIt is of the utmost importance to not lose momentum to achieve permanent changes, according to Washington.

Demonstrators in Downtown Omaha. Photo by Gabriel Escalera, KVNO

Andrew Washington, one protestor, wants to end police brutality against black people, and he is concerning about the funding for the Omaha police department.

Alexander Bear, another demonstrator, also showed his dissatisfaction with the budget for the police department.

Two demonstrations took place the same day in Omaha. About one hundred people also made it to the corner of 72nd and Dodge street for the same reason.

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