Teachers and Parents Agree in Remote Classes


August 12th, 2020

Omaha Public Schools TAC Building

OMAHA – Some teachers and parents still fear that going back to school in person this fall, it could affect the well-being of many and cause the pandemic to spread more.

Over 97,000 children in the US tested positive for coronavirus in the last two weeks of July, according to a report, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Association of Children’s Hospitals. In those two weeks there was a 40% increase in childhood cases in the states and cities studied.

Rene Gallardo and his wife have seven children ages 4 to 16, some of whom attend Castelar Elementary. He feels better knowing that Omaha Public Schools or OPS is going 100% remote learning for the first quarter.

“It seems perfect to me because then there is no risk of contamination, my niece had the symptoms only two weeks ago, it lasted about a week but she is already better, she is 21 years,” Gallardo, says.

In the Omaha metro area, some districts are opening their schools 100% in person. OPS is the largest district in the area and originally had planned of 2-3 days a week in person, just last week OPS district announced, to do 100% remote learning. OPS will provide a tablet with internet access to each student at no cost to the parents.

Kara Eastman, Democratic contender for Congress, wants teachers and students to get back to school but only when is safe. Eastman wants to know why this discussion of a safe environment for everyone is a political issue.

Gabe Gutierrez teaches higher education. His scenario is different, he is expecting his students to be more responsible with the safety guidelines.

The biggest concern for some Omaha teachers is about keeping younger children following the guidelines to stop the spread like, social distance, wearing masks and washing their hands, but they see the biggest problem at the cafeterias in lunch hour.

While some teachers dislike teaching online, they know that at the moment it is the best option to mitigate the spread of COVID 19.

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