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July 21st, 2020

North High School. Picture by, Gabriel
Escalera, KVNO

OMAHA – According to a North High teacher, who rather stays unidentified, the shortage of substitute teachers in Omaha public schools is a problem. Exposing teachers and staff who consider a higher risk to get COVID-19, will put OPS in an even tighter situation.

Covering other teacher’s classes is extra work and becomes unhealthy.

“In a normal year, I could spend the whole day teaching my own classes and covering for other people’s classes one of our first concerns is that if we are down a staff member, we are going to be working even more,” North High teacher, says.

She is aware of the importance of returning students to school, but she is not sure that OPS will handle the situation properly.

Returning to classes in the middle of the pandemic means that if teachers and school staff are exposed to the virus, they would have to quarantine every time and OPS would not have enough teachers.

“I’m fully aware that I will probably at some point, either come in close contact with someone sick or will be sick myself within the building, within my department, but that doesn’t scare me it is what it is, it is fine,” North high teacher, says.

North High School. Picture by, Gabriel
Escalera, KVNO

The north high school teacher is not sure how OPS will address many matters. Masks could help considerably to stop the spread, but not sure if everybody will wear them correctly. Using Ionizer machines to disinfect buildings could affect people with asthma.

The lack of janitors might be another issue that OPS will face. Putting the burden on teachers to clean and disinfect classrooms every day also means extra work that soon will wear them out.

“I do wish that we will consider going online in order to protect lives, I don’t want my colleagues dying, I don’t want to dye I don’t want to, am ‘I scared of it? No, I think it would be heartbreaking and awful and sad, so people that we know are going to get sick.”

The North High teacher also concerns about her close relatives vulnerable to COVID-19. Even though she has been in strict quarantine, she might have some contact with relatives who are at higher risk of getting infected.

“My dad has a polycystic disease and had a kidney transplant that puts him at higher. My grandparents are hitting 90 (Years),” North High teaches, says.

Previously KVNO News spoke to Tammy Klein, mother of two high schoolers, and she wishes her children go back to in-person school. Klein is worried about a safe environment in school for everyone and the two-three days of school might not be the best for every student.

Parents and teachers wish for schools to be back to normal and safe. But getting back to school in the fall could be more work and stressfully for all.

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