Parent’s Approach, Back to School 2020


July 21st, 2020

Tammy Klein, Mother of two high schoolers. Via Zoom.

OMAHA – Tammy Klein struggles with all the back and forth going back to school this fall. She has two children in high school, Sierra is 17 and will be a senior, and Josh 14 will be a freshman.

Few weeks before returning to the 2020 school year, Klein is not sure what will be the best decision. She wants her children to maintain a good academic level, but she also wants to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“We need to plan for, it is your senior year we can just putting everything on the back burner,”

Omaha Public School or OPS announced a plan for returning this fall. Some students will go to school for two or three days a week. The system of “two-three” and remote learning is a suitable option if that stops the spread of the virus.

“What is this two-three plan going to do for her senior year, because she is only going to school two or three days a week.”

Klein’s youngest child will be a freshman this fall. He had some trouble adapting to virtual learning last quarter. She is in a 50/50 household situation, and she thinks the OPS’s plans might not work for everyone.

“My son, oho! I just busted him out. My son was not one that would sit there, take the assignment he was given to keep his mind sharp and do it.”

Last quarter when OPS closed the doors, helping their children every day to stay afloat with all the assignments, it became stressful for Klein and her husband because both of them work outside the home.

“It was not a fun fourth quarter and if that is anything this coming year, let’s just call it quits, you know, it is not going to work.”

Klein’s senior student is already planning to get into specific colleges, and she is working on getting the SAT score of 23 and all requirements up to a good level.

“That is a goal that she has is to try to get all three of the check boxes. That is a large gap, there is a lot of filling-in that she needs to do within this next year and she needs those teachers.”

For the Klein family there also and other aspects to consider in this pandemic, they have a 74-year-old grandparent living with them.

“He is very healthy, so the only thing in my opining is his age.”

Klein hopes for the best going back to classes this fall. If OPS shut down schools again, the only thing that might work her children is that teachers check on their students all day as if in the classroom, to make sure all students are doing the work.

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OMAHA – Mother of two high schoolers fear that the 2-3 day school plan that OPS is trying to accomplish this fall, will not work for every student.

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