Elisa Harkins Performs Next VIRTUAL @ LOW END


July 14th, 2020

Photo Credit: Ian Byers-Gamber

Omaha, NE—The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts’ next virtual concert will feature artist and composer Elisa Harkins. Harkins sings in a combination of English, Cherokee, and Muscogee Creek languages, but in addition to performing traditional hymns, she’s composing electronic dance music. Her ongoing project, Wampum, is a narrative of Indigenous Futurism.

Featuring Artist and Composer, Elisa Harkins

Wampum is the story of cultural preservation, both literally and figuratively. The protagonist is a cybernetic superstar who protects her people’s language and history. At the same time her traditional Cherokee tear dress, rather than calico or cotton, is satin with rhinestones in true disco fashion.

In the real world, Harkins’ music has already spread Cherokee and Muscogee Creek language beyond United States borders with plays online and on Sirius XM.

Elisa Harkins will perform live at the Bemis Center’s next VIRTUAL @ LOW END concert, Thursday, July 16 at 8:00pm. For more information, visit BemisCenter.org.

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