WhyArts Presents ‘Sleepy Hollow’


May 29th, 2020

Omaha,NE—WhyArts will present a multimedia experience tonight. Their Sleepy Hollow Virtual Storytime and Art Show will feature a performance of Washington Irving’s classic, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” with original composition, foley, visual art, and puppeteering. It’s a cinematic experience according to Why Arts’ Executive Director, Kim Jubenville, all accessible to the public via Zoom.

Featuring Kim Jubenville, Barber, and Stephanie Anderson

The evening will begin promptly at 6:00pm with a virtual red carpet. Jubenville, Barber and their puppet co-hosts will be interviewing all the talent involved in the project, and “Sleepy Hollow” will begin around 6:30.

This ambitious performance exemplifies WhyArts’ mission in aiding both local artists and patrons.

Engaging with children, WhyArts’ Kids on the Block puppets will be part of the show, and Melody James, played by Stephanie Anderson, was able to join the conversation.

Co-host, Barber talked about the importance of WhyArts foray into virtual territory.

WhyArts Sleepy Hollow Virtual Storytime and Arts Show is tonight, starting at 6:00pm on Zoom. For more information, including how to join the meeting, or how to view the virtual gallery, visit WhyArtsInc.org, or find the event on Facebook.

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