‘High Peak Monocacy’ Open Virtually at Maple Street Constuct


May 1st, 2020

Omaha, NE—Maple Street Construct’s Virtual Exhibitions have been offering a new side of artists’ work, sharing the conversations behind the scene. Their latest show, High Peak Monocacy, opening today, is a collaboration between Artist, Mike Nesbit, and manager of NYC’s Earth Room, Bill Dilworth.

Featuring Mike Nesbit and Bill Dilworth

Maple Street thrives on the collaborations between artists, and this show was no exception despite social distance.

As much as this digital exhibition is about the art, dichotomous photography from each artists’ point of view in isolation, it’s equally about the conversation between them, also posted online.

Nesbit and Dilworth discussed the specifics of the work, but also philosophy and music, sometimes taking the form of digital poetry.

High Peak Monacacy, which refers to both artists’ imposed shelter in place locations, shows the work and sentiments of both artists, Mike Nesbit and Bill Dilworth. It’s available online today at MapleStreetConstruct.com.

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