Bemis LOW END Shows Continue Virtually: FXTHR^


May 14th, 2020

The Bemis Center opened their new LOW END performance space not too long before the spread of COVID-19, but that’s not stopping the show. Performances are continuing virtually, and this week, Dustin Bushon will perform, going by FXTHR^. He will be working with visual artist, Alex Myers. Coming from a heavy metal background, Bushon has an affection for loud noise.

Featuring Dustin Bushon

Bushon has gone through many phases in his career, and he’s changed his moniker to match. He draws upon many different techniques for the production of sound.

Virtual performances dominate today’s arts scene for obvious reasons, but Bushon has yet to do so. Tonight’s concert is an experiment, but the one thing that’s known for sure is that headphones or a sound system would be ideal.

Dustin Bushon, known as FXTHR^, will perform virtually from the Bemis Center’s LOW END tonight at 8:00pm, featuring visual artist Alex Myers. Viewers can tune in via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch, and they can learn more by RSVPing at

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