‘A Memory Held in You’ Opens Virtually


May 7th, 2020

Omaha, NE—Amplify Arts’ Generator Space Grant recipients, artists  Alex Jacobsen and Allegra Hangen, will virtually present A Memory Held in You, a collaborative experiment in sound, video, and memory. Initially set to be performed live at the space, the work has been reimagined for a Facebook and Instragram livestream. The artists met at the Bemis Center as interns, and Jacobsen and Hangen have unique interests in audio and visual presentation respectively.  

Featuring Alex Jacobsen and Allegra Hangen

Jacobsen has a predisposition for noise.

Hangen’s work in this show often responds to Jacobsen’s soundscape, but both share an interest in playing with the familiar, whether it’s everyday noises or images.

A Memory Held in You no Doubt explores the creation of memories—personal memories, collective memories, and those related to a certain place, in this case, the gallery.

One concept the artists explore is the pathetic trigger, or the idea that an ordinary stimulus can lead to a path of memories.

A Memory Held in You opens Friday, May 8 at 9:00pm via Amplify Arts’ Facebook and Instagram pages. The gallery on Vinton Street will also display the exhibition through their windows throughout the month. The artists recommend headphones or large speakers for the performance.

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