Maple Street Construct Opens First Digital Exhibition


March 27th, 2020

Omaha, NE—Maple Street Construct Gallery usually opens its doors for those walking Benson on first Fridays, but social distancing has resulted in a change of plans. Maple Street’s focus on connections outside of Omaha have offered an opportunity for digital exhibitions.

Featuring Ross Miller, Tom Prinz, and Peter Goché

The first digital exhibition, open, features Maple Street familiar, Iowa Artist and Architect Peter Goché , and co-founder Tom Prinz. Goché ’s work often begins with the collection of materials, in this case, hundreds of pounds of templates for Levi-Strauss denim.

Though not intended at the beginning, Goché ’s work has entered a dialogue with that of Prinz.

A new digital workflow has affected numerous aspects of the work, from preparation, to music listening habits of the artists. While Maple Street Construct previously catered to Benson’s foot traffic, its connections to LA and the rest of the country legitimize the need for an online platform.

Maples Street Construct’s first digital exhibition, The Room and The Landscape, is available now on their website. More openings are scheduled for the coming weeks, with more information available at

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