Maple St. Construct Opens ‘Vernacular’


March 6th, 2020

Omaha, NE—Maple Street Construct Gallery in Benson has two main goals: highlighting architectural art and design, and forming a creative bridge between Omaha and Los Angeles. Tonight they will open Vernacular, an exhibition featuring the urban photography of Dan Schwalm from Omaha and Taiyo Watanabe, based in LA.

Artist and curator of Vernacular, Mike Nesbit, was the first LA artist to work with Maple Street and Nebraska’s chapter of the American Institute of Architects back in 2017.

Featuring Curator, Mike Nesbit

Both photographers showing tonight have captured glimpses of their respective territories, but a side by side comparison shows more likeness than difference between the west coast and Omaha.

Schwalm’s and Watanabe’s photographs, despite the artists’ different backgrounds, both demonstrate an intersection in technique and process.

Maple Street Construct in Benson will open Vernacular tonight from 6:00-9:00pm. For more information, visit

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