‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Lands in Omaha, 2020


February 14th, 2020

Omaha, NE—Outer space TV gem, Mystery Science Theater 3000, lands in Omaha for a live show next week at the Orpheum Theater, part of Omaha Performing Arts’ season. The show, rebooted several times since its debut on Minnesota local television, has one clear concept.

Featuring Creator, Joel Hodgson.

Average guy, Joel, followed by some replacement lead roles, is launched into space and forced to watch bad movies. His only pals and supporting comedic voices are puppet robots, Tom Servo, Crow, and Gypsy. Creator, Joel Hodgson was a working stand up comedian at the time in the 80s L.A., having appeared on Letterman and Saturday Night Live, but it was back home in Minnesota where he spawned the show that would last over three decades.

Mystery Science Theater had mostly vanished by the 2010s, but the show was revived by a record setting Kickstarter campaign, bringing a new rendition to Netflix.

Most fans know MST3k by its TV and Netflix runs, but its approach to acting and practical effects render the show ideal for the stage.

MST3k’s humor comes from what Hodgson simply calls “riffing”, just making jokes about the cinematic absurdities occurring on screen. In Omaha, the audience will be treated to No Retreat, No Surrender.

At its heart, MST’s humor emphasizes a humble admiration for unfortunate art, a format which has become a staple of modern television, internet shows, and podcasts.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour arrives in Omaha, hosted Omaha Performing Arts, Tuesday, February 18 at 7:30pm at the Orpheum Theater. For more information, visit o-pa.org.

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