‘Whispered Like the Wind’: Local Composition and Collaborative Performance


December 12th, 2019

Omaha, NE—Tonight, Omaha Symphony will present a concert featuring a composition by local singer and songwriter, Liz Gre. Whispered like the Wind at the Holy Family Catholic Church is a first time collaboration between the Symphony and the Union for Contemporary Art. Gre, currently a fellow at the Union, composes her music drawing upon personal and cultural experience, utilizing a mixed bag of tools, influences and sources of sound.

Featuring Composer, Liz Gre.

Whispered like the Wind isn’t quite operatic, isn’t quite jazz, and it includes some non-instrumental sounds—for example, digitally recorded samples and archival audio—but it does fill a niche in contemporary classical music. Conductor, Ian Passmore has decided to pair Gre’s piece with Dvorak and Charles Ives for the evening.

At the heart of Gre’s composition lies an important cultural narrative that can be heard in both the music and libretto. Gre has personally interviewed numerous women in Omaha as part of this project, and their stories directly influence the work.

Whispered like the Wind, composed by Union for Contemporary Art fellow, Liz Gre, and performed by the Omaha Symphony, is tonight, December 12 at the Holy Family Catholic Church at 7:00pm. For more information, visit OmahaSymphony.org

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