‘Death has a Small Voice’ Opens at Project Project


December 13th, 2019

Omaha, NE—Tonight, Project Project Gallery welcomes guest curator, Alex Myers, for the opening of a new exhibition, titled Death has a Small Voice. Myers, as well as artists Aureia Harvey and Beau Scott, working under the name BAYKIDDEAD, are all sculptors focused on the world of the very small. Though coming from different backgrounds, each artist works with miniatures, like figurines, toys, and small set pieces.

Featuring Artist and Curator, Alex Myers

The exhibition represents an array of styles, comprising action figures, Japanese monsters, and classical sculpture, and the pieces are connected by a sense of mortality. Some are aged and patinated, while others seem to be decaying, all contributing to the sense of the uncanny.

As much as Death has a Small Voice represents an old tradition, the artists are using some cutting edge technology. Harvey, based in Rome, has sent her models digitally to be 3d printed in Omaha. Myers has 3d modeled himself to create his figures.

Death has a Small Voice opens tonight at Project Project from 7:00-10:00pm. For more information, visit Project ProjectOmaha.com

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