In Iowa, Candidates Hope to Win Over Caucus Voters

December 20th, 2019

By Emily White

A look at two candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for president and the message they’re bringing to Iowa voters on the campaign trail.

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‘The Physicians Mutual Omaha Symphony Christmas Celebration’ Opens Tonight

December 19th, 2019

By Corbin Hirschhorn

Omaha, NE—The Physicians Mutual Omaha Symphony Christmas Celebration returns tonight with performances day and night until Sunday, December 22. The stage is alight with a festive mood and talent, including Omaha Symphony members, Broadway singers and dancers, and community performers. Parker Esse has returned to direct and choreograph the annual performance, and Maestro Ernest Richardson will be conducting.

Featuring Conductor, Ernest Richardson

Omaha Symphony’s Christmas Celebration has become a tradition for its performers as much as it is for audiences. Singers, dancers and musicians return each year for this dynamic performance, which features everything from traditional carols to dazzling Broadway scenes and comedy.

This year, there is a sort of show within the show with a new take on Christmas stories.

For guests in the Christmas spirit, the Symphony offers just about every element that can fit on stage.

The Physicians Mutual Omaha Symphony Christmas Celebration opens tonight, December 19 at 7:30pm at the Holland Performing Arts Center. It will run until Sunday the 22 with afternoon and evening performances. In addition to the concert, numerous lobby activities are on offer for children, as well as additional performance by area musicians and students. For more information, visit

‘Death has a Small Voice’ Opens at Project Project

December 13th, 2019

By Corbin Hirschhorn

Omaha, NE—Tonight, Project Project Gallery welcomes guest curator, Alex Myers, for the opening of a new exhibition, titled Death has a Small Voice. Myers, as well as artists Aureia Harvey and Beau Scott, working under the name BAYKIDDEAD, are all sculptors focused on the world of the very small. Though coming from different backgrounds, each artist works with miniatures, like figurines, toys, and small set pieces.

Featuring Artist and Curator, Alex Myers

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‘Whispered Like the Wind’: Local Composition and Collaborative Performance

December 12th, 2019

By Corbin Hirschhorn

Omaha, NE—Tonight, Omaha Symphony will present a concert featuring a composition by local singer and songwriter, Liz Gre. Whispered like the Wind at the Holy Family Catholic Church is a first time collaboration between the Symphony and the Union for Contemporary Art. Gre, currently a fellow at the Union, composes her music drawing upon personal and cultural experience, utilizing a mixed bag of tools, influences and sources of sound.

Featuring Composer, Liz Gre.

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‘Christmas at the Cathedral’ Returns

December 6th, 2019

By Corbin Hirschhorn

Omaha, NE—The holiday season is here, and it’s time again for the Christmas at the Cathedral concert, led by the Omaha Symphonic Chorus at St. Cecilia’s this weekend. Dr Greg Zielke has been Artistic Director and Conductor of the Symphonic Chorus since 2002. This will be his last time conducting Christmas at the Cathedral due a new teaching position at Tabor College in Kansas, and it will no doubt be a memorable performance.

Featuring Dr. Greg Zielke

Christmas at the Cathedral is a collaborative concert featuring Symphonic Chorus vocalists, the Omaha Symphony, and often other voice ensembles in the area.

The setlist for Christmas at the Cathedral changes each year, offering both holiday classics and new takes on the theme. This concert is decidedly modern and diverse and includes well-known local composer, Jackson Berkey.

Christmas at the Cathedral is this weekend at St. Cecilia’s Church, Friday December 6 at 7:30pm and Sunday the 8th at 2:00pm. For more information, visit

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