LIVE! Storytelling First Show Sunday


November 29th, 2019

Omaha, NE—A good book can be enjoyed at home or at a library, but literature often thrives as performance on the streets and in coffee shops. But most audiences looking for live readings are probably hearing mostly poetry—no fiction, no essays. Writer and UNO instructor, Jaye Viner, questioned why that is when designing a new series opening this Sunday at Kaneko, called Live! Storytelling.

Featuring LIVE! Founder, Jaye Viner

Live! Intends to help those prose writers by giving a chance to share and improve their work, and it gives audiences a chance to hear the kind of writing that they’re probably not getting anywhere else.

Viner started toying with the idea for the show in the summer of this year and received overwhelming support from friends and colleagues.

The inaugural reading will feature more than just storytelling, offering a night of music, prizes, and conversation.

Live! Storytelling begins this Sunday, December 1st at the Kaneko from 1-3pm. Future Live! performances are in the works, and submissions are open. For more information about this performance, visit

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