Eko Nova Returns to Kaneko with Omaha Percussion Group


August 23rd, 2019

Omaha, NE— Scott Shinbara, Percussionist, Music Educator, and member of the Omaha Percussion Group, will be performing the first Eko Nova Concert of the season at Kaneko. The ensemble employs both classic and contemporary techniques to share the scope of percussive music.

Featuring Percussionist Scott Shinbara

The Omaha percussion group does not suffer from a lack of more traditional lead instruments in a chamber ensemble, because the concert will feature a number of melodic instruments from around the world.

Keeping to the theme of Eko Nova, The Omaha Percussion group will perform music by contemporary composers like Paul Lansky and Mark Applebaum, highlighting extended techniques that make the concert both sonically and visually impressive. Not only will it feature a variety of instruments, but also experiments in how to present music, in this case using Indian bols.

The Omaha Percussion Group will perform at the Kaneko on Monday, August 26 at 7:00pm, part of the Eko Nova Series. For more information, visit omahachambermusic.org.

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