First Omaha Fringe Festival


July 23rd, 2019

Omaha, NE—This week, the first Omaha Fringe Festival begins on UNO’s campus, a first for the city, but a tradition descending from a rich, international theater lineage. Some audiences might be familiar with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland, from which similar events derive their name, but it’s a format that now thrives all over the globe. Tamar Neumann, UNO master’s student, dramaturg, and Executive Director of Omaha Fringe, wasn’t actually inspired by Edinburgh, but rather Minnesota’s Festival, where she lived for several years.

Featuring Founder, Tamar Neumann

While starting the planning process last year, Neumann found early support from Omaha Under the Radar, a similarly themed festival organization with a focus in music. Both open in conjunction this Wednesday.

This week’s performances include a theatrical tribute to Robin Williams, an adaptation of Shakespeare, and one group forming a devised piece which will be travelling to Edinburgh later this year. All performances this year are on UNO’s stages, but there might be bigger plans for the future.

The first Omaha Fringe Festival is this week, July 24 through the 27 with afternoon and evening performances at the Weber Fine Arts Building on UNO’s campus. For more information or tickets, visit

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