Maple St. Construct Opens ‘A Surfer’s Time’


June 7th, 2019

Omaha, NE—LA architect and artist Robin Donaldson will show work tonight at Benson’s Maple Street Construct, titled A Surfer’s Time. The gallery highlights the art of architecture at the same time bridging Omaha to the rest of the nation’s creative hubs. The title and the show itself might not have come together, though, if weren’t for a colleague’s suggestion.

Featuring Artist, Robin Donaldson.

Designing the structures we live by, architects are the avant-garde of art when it comes to any community, but the practice is often cut short by demands. That’s why Maple Street opens the door for potential.

Donaldson’s work in A Surfer’s Time could be described as abstract drawing and painting, but not oil on canvas. While considering concepts in architecture, it’s definitely not a lesson in geometry. For Donaldson, this is a busy vacation from work.

A Surfer’s Time opens tonight at Maple Street Construct in Benson, part of Benson First Friday. For more information, visit Maple Street

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