The Union Opens ‘Tempestuous Microcosm’


May 16th, 2019

Omaha, NE—Tonight, the Union for Contemporary Art opens a new installation, Jave Yoshimoto’s Tempestuous Microcosm. Formally trained as a painter, Yoshimoto’s large pieces collage Eastern and Western styles, like traditional Japanese printing, mid-century Chinese propaganda, and Western pop culture icons to create animated and politically charged landscapes.

After a period of painting humorous subjects, like food, Yoshimoto turned his attention to global issues since the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster in 2011. Concerned by journalism in the digital age, Yoshimoto has accepted volunteer work to be a necessary part of his practice, travelling to Greece to help with the refugee crisis and using the experience to inform his work. Tempestuous Microcosm serves as a reminder of the interconnected manmade crises of today and a call to action to help those in need.

Keeping in mind local troubles as well, The Union will be selling woodcuts designed by Yoshimoto paying tribute to the victims of this season’s flooding in Nebraska, and proceeds will be donated to relief.

Tempestuous Microcosm opens at the Union for Contemporary Art in North Omaha tonight, May 16, from 6:00-8:00pm and will run until June 29. For more information, visit

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