Movement Series’ ‘mode of being’


March 29th, 2019

Omaha, NE—This weekend, Tbd. Dance Collective returns to Kaneko for the next installment of the Movement Series, “mode of being.” Now officially a non-profit, the modern dance troupe’s productions have expanded along with their role in the community.

Featuring Co-Directors of Tbd. Kat Fackler and Stephanie Hittner

In addition to featuring an original score and a custom stage, Mode of Being will take place in two of Kaneko’s galleries, upstairs and on the main floor.

Divided between multiple sections of the gallery, the performance also changes thematically. The choreography physically interprets a range of human emotions while also forming movement from every day activities.

Tbds Dance Collective’s “mode of being,” part of the Movement Series, is this weekend at Kaneko with two performances tonight March 29 at 7:00pm and 9:00pm and Saturday March 30 at 7:00pm. For more information or tickets, visit

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