Omaha Zine Fest This Weekend


March 15th, 2019

Omaha, NE—Omaha Zine Fest is this Saturday at the Union for Contemporary Art, featuring all things DIY print media. With about 100 tabling from across the country, it’s not the sort of work you’d see in, say, Conde Nast.

Featuring Co-Organizers Andrea Kay and Daphne Calhoun

Complete independent control over a medium leaves any genre on the table for artists, with zines featuring illustration, journalism, humor, and literary writing. There’s also no rule for what a zine should look like leaving it up to the creator how to present their story on paper.

Following the success of Zine Fest, Omaha zine makers are finding a voice in the community, but Kay and Calhoun believe the medium might also become a more invaluable local commodity for artists and readers.

Omaha Zine Fest is this Saturday, March 16 at the Union for Contemporary Art in North Omaha from 11:00am to 5:00pm. The event will feature zines for sale, including numerous workshops and talks throughout the day, covering tintyping, silkscreening, art book making, and local politics. For more information, visit

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