Generator Series’ ‘Resilience,’ Music and Poetry at Kaneko


February 6th, 2019

OMAHA, NE—For two years now, The Generator Series, a collaboration between the Kaneko and Omaha Under the Radar has organized concerts featuring local and outside talent to create innovative music experiences. Their next concert this Saturday, Resilience, will continue to expand the series’ scope, presenting an evening of themed music, poetry, and opera.

Resilience features three acts—diverse in their arrangements, but connected by theme. Accompanied by a classical music ensemble, local musician, poet, and activist, Dominique Morgan will perform original songs and poetry written while he was incarcerated as a juvenile. Opera, Body of the State, depicts the story Juana of Castille, Queen of Spain imprisoned by her husband and father. The work of composer, Jenna Lyle further expands instrumentation and stagecraft with an elaborate electronic setup and choreography.

As part of the Kaneko’s seasonal programming, the Generator Series has become as embedded in the space as the physical installations. The building’s acoustics have played a role in planning as much as its changing aesthetic, and Resilience will move throughout the galleries accordingly.

Resilience, part of the Generator Series, is Saturday, February 9 from 7:00 to 8:30pm at the Kaneko. The Kaneko will also host a panel with the composers on Friday the 8th at 12:00pm and a related discussion on criminal justice on Saturday at 1:00pm. There will also be an open rehearsal on Friday from 3:00 to 5:00pm. For more information or tickets, visit

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